MJM Hair and Hair Loss

Thinning hair is a sensitive issue.
So tackle it with the discreet touch of MJM, backed by microscopic analysis, and specialist treatments by La Biosthetique.

It may be a family history of receding hair. Or it may be stress, illness or poor diet, leaving the scalp under-nourished. Either way, you need the MJM approach to hair replenishment. An expert eye on your individual problem. A unique range of world-famous treatments by La Biosthetique. And a sensitive feel for those special cleansing and grooming routines that will heighten their effectiveness.

It takes thirty years at the service of selective London clients to acquire this kind of insight into the science of hair regeneration. Better ways to stimulate the growth-impulses… How to extend the life-cycle of a single hair… Which oils, minerals and vitamins aid restoration best. That’s how MJM can help restore your hair to the full volume, texture and hold that you naturally seek. Consult us now. See a difference soon.